La Brasserie de St-Sylvestre

3 Monts

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Situated among the picturesque Monts de Flandre, La Brasserie de St Sylvestre uses its long-accumulated expertise to produce authentic beers with great care and attention : the malt is crushed and the resultant grist mixed with water to create the mash, which is treated in the mash tun then clarified through filtration. The sweet wort thus obtained is transferred to the boiler and then the hops are added. This process is very precise and dertermines the ultimate character of the beer. After boiling for an hour, the wort is cooled and transferred to the big fermentation vats where the yeast is "pitched". The main fermentation lasts five days at 20°C. The second, longer phase lasts around 6 weeks the refine the taste and aroma. The beer is then fined to give it a clear sparkling quality before being bottled. The bottling plant is fully automatic, comprising rinsing, bottling, corking, stapling, labelling and packaging. Each stage is automatically controlled to prevent any malfunction. The final product is then ready for delivery locally, nationally or worldwide. With over a century and a half of experience, La Brasserie de Saint Sylvestre perpetuates the tradition of Flemish beers by creating quality products designed for our ultimate enjoyment.