La Brasserie de St-Sylvestre

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Seasonal Beers

The biere nouvelle

bière nouvelle bière de traditionAmber beer (8 % alc. / vol.) refermented in the bottle.

A speciality beer brewed over lees in winter using the first malt and hops from the last harvest. Roasted malts give it its caracteristic amber hue.

Obtained by top fermentation, the "Biere Nouvelle" is caracterised by fruity flavours and a good bite.

Biere Nouvelle must be served with care (leaving behind the fine yeast sediment) at about 10°C.

Available from February while stocks last in :750 ml bottles corked and stamped


The christmas Beer

bière de Noel bière de tradition

Brown beer (8 % alc. / vol.)

Christmas beer has its origins in the winter which favours brewing and in the festive season which enhances its enjoyment. It is traditionally brewed with roasted malts and finest hops.

Darker than Biere Nouvelle and Gavroche, this beer is dense, sweet, and develops malt aroma.

Christmas beer is best enjoyed when served between 10 and 12°C.

Available from November while stocks last in 750 ml bottles corked and stamped.