La Brasserie de St-Sylvestre

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Local Beers

The Hoppeland Bier Light

hoppeland bier light bière de traditionGolden beer (2% alc. / Vol.)

Clear, with a good foam, the Bier hoppeland Light is primarily a light beer that will seduce you with its finesse. Brewed by top fermentation, it releases aromas of fruit, with hints of cooked grains. Very refreshing, it is ideally consumes 3 / 4 ° C.
Available from early February until stocks are exhausted.




The Bock du Moulin

bock du moulin bière de traditionGolden beer (3.6% alc. / Vol.)

Bottom-fermenting beer, the Moulin du bock beer is balanced with fine bitterness. The incorporation of a fraction of type Munich malt gives it its characteristic golden color. Slightly fruity flavor makes it an ideal beer to taste at the table. (3 / 4 ° C).





The Luxe du Moulin

luxe du moulin bière de traditionPale lager beer (5.3% alc. / Vol.)

A bright Pilsner, 100% pure malt, Du Moulin is a fine beer with a hoppy nose. Under its white and dense head, it reveals malt aroma and light fruity tones..

Served chilled at between 3 and 4°C.

Available in 750 ml bottles.